9:00 am Coffee & Check In

9:30 am Chair’s Welcome & Recap of Day One

Advancing Diversity in Your Life Science Organisation

9:40 am Discover: The Role of Demonstrable DE&I in Attracting & Engaging Top Life Sciences Talent

  • Sofi Musleh DEI for LGBTQI & Gender, Formerly Novartis


  • Unconscious bias is more common at senior levels, and diverse hiring doesn't always eliminate bias or foster development
  • Human oversight is crucial for AI systems relying on biased data, and although implementing oversight solutions helps, bias remains a concern
  • Idealistic job specs can exclude qualified candidates; AI must consider nuances like academic qualifications, language, and transferable skills

10:00 am Discover: Identify Ways to Promote Inclusivity Throughout the Hiring Process


  • Effective collaboration with the training department to pinpoint ways to improve the inclusivity from the beginning of the hiring process
  • How can life science TA professionals better understand and prepare for candidate diversity when it comes to interviewing?
  • Uncover the story behind Allucent’s training program for hiring managers to address cultural and generational biases in the recruitment process which has led it to measure vast improvements in candidate and hiring manager experience surveys

10:20 am Discover: Creating an Inclusion Movement at Your Life Science Organisation: Inclusion for All


  • Novel approaches to inclusion, and how to demonstrate a true culture of equity to prospective talent
  • How can life science organisations leverage data insights to power diversity initiatives to compete for the best talent
  • Discover the story behind Parexel’s award-winning inclusion movement which led to 47% women at SVP level or above, and a systematic change in company culture enabling them to attract the industry’s best talent

10:40 am Develop: What Else Can You Learn About Demonstrating Inclusivity During the TA Process?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

  • How do you measure improvements in candidate and hiring manager experiences as a result of inclusivity initiatives?
  • How can organisations scale inclusivity initiatives to encompass a larger pool of candidates and hiring managers?
  • What measures have been taken to identify and implement ways to improve inclusivity at the initial stages of the hiring process?

11:00 am Action: What Key Learnings Can You Duplicate at Your Organisation?


Output Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

  • What can you immediately implement to improve the inclusivity of your recruitment process?
  • What longer term change would you like to make to ensure candidates feel included in the recruitment process?

11:20 am Networking Lunch

12:20 pm Speed Learning


In this quick-fire session, each table will be hosted by a TA leader who will share the secrets of their most high-impact leap; you then get the opportunity to question the host before moving on to your next table.

Strategies for Effective Cross-Functional Collaboration for a Holistic Talent Approach

Global Mobility: Navigating Evolving Priorities of Life Science Talent in Europe

  • Alison Hughes Head of Talent Acquisition EMEA & HR Business Partnering, Kyowa Kirin

1:20 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference